A self-described Caveman's stunning make over

A wife wanted her husband to get a haircut and shave the bushy beard. According to her, it's been three years since she saw her husband's face, "he's like wild man right now", she said.

Her husband, Aaron is a 41-year-old cross fit gym owner and had curly hair long to his shoulders and with a long bushy beard to cover the face.

A before and after look at Aaron, the Caveman.
A before and after look at Aaron, the Caveman.

Kelly heard about Good Morning America's "Make Over My Man for Valentine's Day," and she decided to join the special segment.

After the make over, the results were stunning. Aaron now has short hair, shaved beard and a brand new look.

Watch the video for Kelly's priceless reaction on the transformation of his hunky caveman husband.

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