Heart Dance, the new dance trend in South Korea?

Are you familiar of the famous K-Pop single "The Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미 송)" by Hari? Have you tried doing its famous gestures, which is called the "Gwiyomi Player"?

The single and dance moves of the said artist went viral on the social media last 2013 and even spawned a popular segment on a South Korean show called "The Aegyo Battle" or the Battle of Cuteness. Netizens also uploaded recorded videos of themselves dancing the Gwiyomi Player.

Screenshots from the videos.
Screenshots from the videos.

Another online trend from South Korea is making noise in Social Meida.

Presenting, the "Heart Dance"! With its easy moves and cute gestures, this new dance craze will surely make the netizens do the Heart Sign.

Would you record a video of yourself doing the "Heart Dance" and upload it on YouTube?

Video by C4 Music Group on YouTube

Video by 거너 TV on YouTube
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